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Consult the n1mm update history notes for information on. Journal free amateur radio logbook for windows, year 2000 compliant, realtime or postevent dataentry, produces qsl cards and address labels, produces rsgb vhfuhfshf competition log sheet and more, by g7lfc. Winlog32 is amateur radio logging software designed and working on all. Sd sets the standard for fast, simple logging and editing in the major hf international contests and in hundreds of others worldwide. Wintest is the new contest logging software written by olivier f5mzn, the author of editest a reference in french contests logging software, now deprecated, and of dxnet, an open source dx cluster system. The programs features are continually changing, and the manual may sometimes fall behind the code when this happens.

If you need to know more about fdlog see the more about page and visit the fdlog forum. Writelog for windows combines the convenience and ease of use of windows with the performance and features required by. It is intended for singleop unassisted entries, on both ssb and cw. Free windows amateur radio logging program written by bob furzer, k4cy the author of zakanaka. Logger32 is currently supported to run under windows 7, 8, 8. Fdlog is free, please consider making a donation if you find it useful. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. Like any software, log4om v2 is not perfect, despite the best efforts of the team. Lm contest software by dl8waa a tool to create, edit and evaluate contest logs after contest jarl elog maker a tool to help creating a submission formatted log file requested by jarl logconv by ka5wss supports adif, cabrillo, ct9, ct10, eqf and tr log files as input and can output both adif and cabrillo. Sd is a free and unrestricted hf contest logger, with more than 280 templates supplied. Downloads writelog contesting software contest logging.

W3km freeware hfvhfuhfmicrowaverover contest logging. Arrl november sweepstakes contest log is a contest logging software tool designed for the arrl november sweepstakes event. It runs on macos, supporting singlemode and and mixedmode events on bands between 160m and 23cm. Sd is optimised for realtime logging, although postevent logging is supported. Amateur contact log is an easy to use general logging program that has many great features including tracking of worked all states, counties and countries. Arrl contest logs 10 meter 160 meter field day iaru hf intdx kids day november sweepstakes rtty roundup vhfuhf cq contest logs cq 160 meter cq vhf cq wpx cq ww dx other contest logs 1010 qso party fists sprint kids roundup naqp na sprint qrp arci rac spar winter field day stew perry state qso party logs country file. Qso notes quick and easy way to keep track of contact information for people that keep paper log. Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is safe. Free vhfuhfmicrowave contest logging software for rovers and nonrovers runs under linux, windows, etc. Soundcard dvk, cw sending, and bandmaps are included. Xmlog is an amateur radio logbook system for windows xp, vista, 7, 8 and 10. In addition, links are provide to videos providing help and more details for specific features.

It is free to distribute on a onetoone basis, providing all original files are intact and not modified in any way and that no charge is made for this. The software is free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by krassy k1lz and a small team donating their time and effort. Full mode offers a singlewindow with all of the logclusterdatamode functions whilst simple mode offers a windows feature with a lowprofile logger and optional datamodes, dx. I enjoy working contests, making contacts via cw and phone, experimenting with antennas and. Ssb, cw and digital support multiuser support rover support for qso parties and other contests which support this. Minos by g0gjv vhf and uhf amateur radio contests in europe. May 31, 2015 a selection of best free amateur radio general logbook programs for windows taken from our huge list of ham radio logging software links category. Were confident you will agree that it truly is the next generation of high performance contest logging software. Keeping it simple is both the hard part and its greatest virtue. It is designed so that the process of making and logging contacts is as efficient as possible so you make more contacts.

The software can run over a network, such as a multiband contest with a shared log and dupenewband alerts. Bob is also the author of zakanaka, and an older 16bit version of logger. N1mm logger plus is free software featuring automatic cw generation, rotator and radio control, suport for so2r, cluster support, winkeyer interface, import export cabrillo and adif formats and many more features. Sd is a free and unrestricted hf contest logger, with more than 280.

Contest logging software by n1mm caboolture radioclub. Just changed it drastically a couple months ago when i changed my call sign in an effort to simplify my logging efforts. Logbook also known as hrdlog is a powerful ham radio logging software program within ham radio deluxe. Ct by k1ea this is an end of life dos product with no further development. Qso manager hf qsoqslaward managment, adif importexport, full version free to everybody. The fdlog software was developed for the high sierra field day group. May 14, 2020 the team dedicate their free time to support log4om users so please ensure that you read the forums and manuals before requesting support. For cw, phone and digital modes, its combination of contestoptimized features is unmatched. Kenwood ts590 rs232 sniffer homebrew project with n1mm software to 4o3a sac x. Arrl log book of the world lotw award tracking and good backup of logs clublog by g7vjr a free webbased. Trlog is serious software for serious contest operators.

In postcontest must be entered as 8 characters in the format ddmmyy. For cw, phone and digital modes, its combination of contest. Arrl november sweepstakes contest log free version download. For those logging with the popular n3fjp amateur radio software, developer scott davis, n3fjp has posted an 11minute quick start video that should be sufficient to get you going. Welcome to logger32, a 32bit amateur radio logging program written by bob furzer, k4cy.

Contest logging software, whether free or commercial, is available for dos, linux, and windows platforms. Realto switch, use the commands and post for realtime and postcontest. Jan 04, 2011 the contest logging software that looks the most interesting to me right now is n1mm. The background colour of the entry fields is pink when logging didgital contacts. Already using this software, the logger will be installed to the original logging folder c. The following contest logging software packages are widely used and available.

Writelog can make contesting more fun and help improve your scores. Skookumlogger is a fullfeatured contest logging program suitable for the most demanding contester. Logging software to request ilia award, include a complete list of all italian lake islands references. Id prefer an easy to use program as im still a one finger typer, but i would like to be able to have the following features as i have had a look on the web for. Minos is a logging program for many vhf and uhf amateur radio contests written by mike goodey g0gjv. If you have requests, suggestions or bug reports see the requests page. In vkcl, the signal strength reporting system that must be used for logging digital contacts is rsq as described at this web site.

Logger32 has been developed to be a highly user configurable. Nov 06, 2019 i, too, have been struggling with trying to figure out a new logging strategy. The program checks for duplicates, lists all contacts, displays a map of sections, provides many current statistics, provides dx spotting, interfaces with most elecraft, icom, kenwood and yaesu radios, writes cabrillo file format for log submission, and more. N1mm logger is the worlds most popular ham radio contest logging program. Contest logger welcome to the home of, ham radio contest logging software by 9a5k. You can use the evaluation version of wintest for a 15day period for free. Writelog offers a variety of downloads in support of the product. Trlog is an excellent example of the software design philosophy, do one thing, and do it well.

Tr log is a highperformance amateur radio contest logging program designed to make the most of your computer during a contest. The definitive contest software not only another contest logging software. Logger32 may still run with reduced functionality under earlier windows versions, however, updates are no. Permission to distribute xmlog for profit is prohibited.

Tr4w by ua4wli windows program based on dos tr log by n6tr. I use the default log general logging in n1mm for my daytoday dxing. Contestlog will be used to log and evaluate radio communications during an amateur radio ukw contest. The n1mm logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. Check out the features of writelog compared to the competition. A selection of best free amateur radio general logbook programs for windows taken from our huge list of ham radio logging software links category. The rest of our programs are easy to use contest specific applications. This page offers downloads associated with the current release of writelog, including maintenance upgrades, contest modules, and a.

Jul, 2015 this video provides a quick, top level overview of the main features of amateur contact log. N1mm free contest logger the n1mm logger is a free, open source contest logging program for win 9598ment2000. Contest logging software refers to specialized computer software programs designed for use by. You dont need to worry about having to change the date for later qsos. This video provides a quick, top level overview of the main features of amateur contact log. To avoid and reduce problems log4om has a wide range of functions which support the user and a very aggressive backup policy. This free pc software can be installed on windows xpvista7810 environment, 32bit version. Operation on the 160m band has been added and there is a new start time, but the major change is that reworking stations is now allowed in 4hour. W3km freeware hfvhfuhfmicrowaverover contest logging software.

The actual developer of the free software is n1mm logger. Always check for updates for all contests close to the contest date. Feb 19, 20 free software by n1mm for all your contesting needs. Im often asked what logging software i use and what is the sdr module in the middle of my screen. From that first program, our software library has grown to more than 100 applications. It is both a complete dx operations center, as well as a fantastic general purpose log book. This software is completely free to download and use without losing any of the programs functionality and without limitations of any kind. General all major and many minor hf contests are supported including general dx logging, dxpedition, dxsatellite and vhf dx.

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